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Application Requirement

Admission Criteria

  • For those who are high school graduates or after 12 years compulsory education who are interested in learning Japanese.

Number of  Student Recruited

  • 165

■Recruiting Period and Deadlines

          1 .  2 year school-admission study courses (April admission)

                 Deadline: before the end of October prior to the year of admission.

          2.   1 year and 9 month school-admission study courses (July admission)

                 Deadline: by the end of January of the same year as admission.

          3.  1 year and 6 month school-admission study course (October Admission)

                 Deadline: the end of April of the same year as admission.

           4.   1 years 3 month school-admission study course (January admission)

                 Deadline: the end of July prior to the year before admission.


Method of Evaluation and Qualifying Notice

 1. Evaluation:  document review, aptitude test, interviews with enrollees and economic guarantors.

  2. Qualifying Notification: the result will be informed directly to enrollees or guarantors.

Document Required

  • The document required is as below:

Enrollee should prepare
Enrollee Personal Document (1)Application Form

1. Use the TJL required form.

2. Please present all the educational qualifications from primary school to final degree. (People who had military service need to notify service period)

3. People who have entered Japan from overseas will be required to fill out detailed access records.

4. Motivation of admission will include motivation and purposes of studying in Japan, and plans upon return to your home country.

(2)Resume (3) Letter of Enrollment Motivation (4) ID pictures x 7(3cm×4cm) 1. Indicate your name on the back. Pictures should be taken within 3 months. (5)Graduation Certificate

Most recent graduation certificate

(Original one only).

(6)transcript Final degree with all the marks throughout the school year. (7)Proof of Japan language learning, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test certificates Start and End date and total hours of learning as well as textbooks used should be provided. (8)Passport Copy Passport page number, name and the effective date of the copy page Copy of household registration book Items shall fully accord with personal data. (10) the sheet for access to calendar
2. The required document of guarantor
Required document of Non-Japan National guarantor (1)Letter of Payment Use of required TJL form (2)Letter of Saving For Expense Studying in Japan (3)Employed Certificate Employed Certificate of Financial Guarantor


Income Certificate

Income Certificate of Financial Guarantor (5)Tax-Payment Certificate Cost guarantor of the tax-payment certificate.


Document required varies depending on different nationality or applicant conditions. Please call or email us in advance, thank you very much.