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We will introduce the features of our school

The reasons TJL is a top-choice school

The number of foreign graduates who have gone on to do great things

As of November 2022,
around 5000 foreign students have graduated from
our Japanese language acquisition program.
Some of the reasons for it popularity include the curriculum that does not simply teach Japanese language, but all of the knowledge, culture, context-appropriate vocabulary needed for a variety of situations,
and other elements of a broad curriculum.

Support for Keeping Motivation

Even in the placement of students in classes according to their level,
we take care to offer support to every student so that nobody is left behind in
their progress in learning Japanese.
The students are the center of their own learning, and it is TJL’s role to facilitate that.
It’s natural for students to get homesick sometimes
or worry about how well they can adapt to life in Japan.
In times like that, our school staff and a friendly community of fellow students is there to offer support and help address any worries.
Nobody has to be perfect all the time.
Having a supportive peer network, having had that initial thought of “I like Japan,” you too can join our school as a student and be confident as you study with us. Many of our students and graduates are just like you, and now they also say, “we like TJL!”

Our graduates are very satisfied, as their testimonials show:

Many graduates tell us,
“The more I studied Japanese, the more I loved Japan,
and I want to get a job in Japan after I graduate from university so that
I can have a global career!”
and many other comments showing how highly they rate their satisfaction
and the quality of their experience at our school.

Features of TJL


Easy-to-understand Lessons

Classes are conducted using the direct instruction method, teaching Japanese IN Japanese. Classes are divided according to current Japanese proficiency, so that everyone can enjoy lessons tailored to their needs.


Small Class Size

Classes are small, generally with between seven and fifteen students. Thus, instructors can work closely with each student individually.


Thorough Guidance Counseling

TJL includes a preparatory program as part of its curriculum. Instructors with a rich depth of life experience counsel each student, so that even students who don’t have much knowledge of Japanese schools beforehand can find their path.


Student-Centered Support Staff

Chinese- and English-speaking veteran staff are on hand to help students navigate maintaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and to listen to any worries. They help create an environment that lets students focus on studies and advise students on healthy lifestyles.

Learning a Variety of Other Cultures

Students will interact with fellow foreign students from a variety of backgrounds, so that they can learn about a variety of cultures and build relationships.


Convenient Location

TJL is located in Ikebukuro, which is one of the most dynamic areas of Tokyo, Japan’s capital. Ikebukuro is one of the three main hubs of transportation around Tokyo and is convenient for getting anywhere.

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